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Currently, StoryBoard is maintained by a small (but active!) team. This roadmap was written when the StoryBoard team was much bigger. We hope to go back to it as we grow, but right now we don't have the resources. For now:

  • SotK handles new features (currently worklists and boards)
  • Zara handles bugfixes, planning and maintenance (all over StoryBoard).

Priorities (in roughly chronological order):

  • Boards and Worklists-- due dates, then automatic boards and worklists
  • Making search nicer to use
  • File Attachments-- emphasis on pictures and logs
  • Tracking other task trackers-- launchpad would be nice

We estimate we'll achieve 2 items per cycle, so file attachments and tracking other task-trackers will be the two features to focus on in the Newton cycle. Other ongoing things:

  • Refine notification
  • Update story statuses from gerrit

Below is the old roadmap. The priorities look a bit different these days, but parts are still useful, as is the history! We'll still update things in it where we complete them.


This roadmap looks at the features we want in the OpenStack project StoryBoard deployment. It is derived from the features needed by the various groups we expect to switch to StoryBoard first, and lets us prioritize features. Tasks in italic are simpler and could be used as introduction or for internships.

1.2 (Use StoryBoard for feature tracking)

1.2.1 (base features)

Base Python SDKn/anikitakonovalovn/an/a
API support for issuing long-lasting Auth Tokensn/akrotscheck, yolandan/a

('Tags' = just free-form tags, at time of writing, details on other desired tags are still hazy)

1.2.2 (feature tracking)

Branches & Milestonesaripinen
Story Types phase 1 (Bugs & Features)aripinen
Task Ordering
Base Task lists (sprint planning)
Import blueprints in progress from Launchpad

1.2.3 (final polish, may be deferred)

Pagination / Searchjedimike
Email notificationskrotscheckn/a
Gerrit Links / Status Auto-Updaten/a
"Completed in Milestone" reportn/a
CLI Interface
Openstackid.org authentication
Use task lists for multi-dimensional prioritiesSotK
Rich Text Description & Commentsn/a
Performance data/testsaripinenn/a

1.3 (Use StoryBoard for OpenStack bug tracking)

  • Duplicate stories
  • File Attachments
  • Story Types phase 2 (vulnerabilities), ACLs

1.4 (StoryBoard getting better)

  • Integration with Specs
  • Project Stats/Graphs/Reporting
  • Etherpad Summit Design Session Markup Import
  • inter Story Dependencies / Epics

Unscheduled & Unprioritized

  • Bulk Import/export
  • User Activity Report (heat map?)
  • Internationalization (be i18n ready)
  • UX Support
  • Role based access controls
  • DocImpact Bug Support
  • Performance Issues (Data Cache, batch request)
  • Feature Freeze Exception Workflow (using tag?)
  • Kanban Board (Import from Codethink) (work on this has since been done!)
  • Angular Data
  • Subscription Event API (Web sockets?)
  • Federation Design & API
  • Batch Request API
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Operator Impact of Bug (How many are impacted by this) (Pain scale)
  • Build gate failure (build gate fails repeatedly, why?)