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Revision as of 18:41, 26 November 2014 by Michael Krotscheck (talk | contribs) (MVP 1.1 (infra dogfooding))

This roadmap looks at the features we want in the OpenStack project StoryBoard deployment. It is derived from the features needed by the various groups we expect to switch to StoryBoard first, and lets us prioritize features.

MVP 1.2 (Feature Tracking)

  • Email
  • API support for issuing long-lasting Auth Tokens
  • Story Types (Bugs & Features)
  • Tags
  • Gerrit Links
  • Status Auto-Update
  • Task Ordering
  • Python SDK (nikitakonovalov)
  • Milestone Support
  • Milestone Series Tracking & reporting
  • Complex Priority and Task Lists
  • In progress feature import
  • Openstackid.org authentication

MVP 1.3 (LP Bugs parity)

  • CLI Interface
  • Story Types phase 2 (vulnerabilities)
  • Security Bugs
  • File Attachments

MVP 1.3.1 (Bugs support)

  • Integration with Specs
  • Project Stats/Graphs/Reporting
  • Etherpad Summit Design Session Markup Import
  • Bulk Import/export
  • User Activity Report (heat map?)
  • IRC Bot

Unscheduled & Unprioritized

  • Rich Text Comments
  • UX Support
  • Role based access controls
  • inter Story Dependencies / Epics
  • DocImpact Bug Support
  • Load/Performance Tests
  • Performance Issues (Data Cache, batch request)
  • Feature Freeze Exception Workflow (using tag?)
  • Kanban Board (Import from Codethink)
  • Angular Data
  • Subscription Event API (Web sockets?)
  • Federation Design & API
  • Batch Request API
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Operator Impact of Bug (How many are impacted by this)
  • Build gate failure (build gate fails repeatedly, why?)

MVP 1.1.1 (full infra dogfooding)

  • Gerrit links and status auto-update
  • CLI interface or python module for the API, SDK

MVP 1.2 (integrated project can use for blueprints)

MVP 1.2.1 (full integrated projects use)


  • Inter-Story dependencies / Epic (an Epic can be a personas use case that will be splitted in several stories)
  • UX discussion features (comment on pictures)
  • Specs workflow (integration with *-specs repositories, or replacement for *-specs)
  • FFE workflow
  • Project stats/graphs (e.g. bugs over time like http://webnumbr.com/untouched-bugs-in-openstack-manuals- )
  • Bulk Import/Export