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meeting irc logs here: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/storyboard/2015/storyboard.2015-11-18-15.00.log.html

followup in #storyboard here: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23storyboard/%23storyboard.2015-11-18.log.html#t2015-11-18T15:46:32

To be worked into a more readable spec for notifications, that will form the backbone of a roadmap for the next few months of StoryBoard development.


A user needs to know:

1. When something (that affects that user) updates (in a way that affects that user)


a) Things that affect users must be tracked. Selectable subscriptions exist. If not all things that can be updated in a subscribed resource will be relevant, then...

b) SB needs to track whether or not an update to a (subscribed) resource is relevant to the user.

  i) What things can update?


     * Project Groups:
        - Creation
        - Removal (currently not possible)
        - Title
        - Description
        * Projects:
            - Creation
            - Removal (currently not possible)
            - Title
            - Description
            * Stories:
                 - Creation
                 - Removal
                 - Title
                 - Description
                 - Tags
                 - Comments
                 * Tasks:
                     - Creation
                     - Removal
                     - Title
                     - Project (editing changes project to which task belongs, potentially changing the project to which the story belongs)
                     - Assignee
                     - Priority
                     - Status (todo, review, merged, invalid)

  ii) How will a user tell SB which updates to look out for?
  iii) How will SB keep track of these?

c) SB must inform user of these updates

  i) The user needs to know *what* has updated

        *Appropriate metadata should be relayed-- what is it, and should this be configurable?
        (example of appropriate metadata: 'what groups does the updated resource fall into?', 'when was it updated?', 'does this update require my input?')

  ii) The user should be notified in the most suitable way. What is this, and should *this* be configurable? (eg: what channels? how frequently should a user be notified?)


TBA, look into timeline events. Roughly divides into three parts:

a) SB tracking info

b) Info displayed to user

    i) currently:

        *recent events on dashboard

        *events timeline on story detail pages

    ii) in progress

        *email notifications patches
        (currently awaiting the rework here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/240345/1 . What point are notifications at once this patch series is merged?)
c) Info interactive

    i) currently:
        *preferences for timeline events accessed from profile page (linked from 'profile' button on left navbar)

        *popup timeline filters accessed from story detail pages (linked from wheel next to 'events timeline' heading)

        These both look like :
                Checkboxes with 'save' button at the bottom, with the following options:

                Story created
                Story details changed
                Task created
                Task assignee changed
                Task status changed
                Task priority changed
                Task details changed
                Task deleted
                User comment


When do we expect what? We could probably refine this forever, so at what point should we consider changing priority?