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meeting irc logs here: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/storyboard/2015/storyboard.2015-11-18-15.00.log.html

followup in #storyboard here: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23storyboard/%23storyboard.2015-11-18.log.html#t2015-11-18T15:46:32

To be worked into a more readable spec for notifications, that will form the backbone of a roadmap for the next few months of StoryBoard development.


People need to know:

1. When something that affects them updates in a way that affects them


a) Things that affect users must be tracked. Selectable subscriptions exist. If not all things that can be updated in a subscribed resource will be relevant, then... b) SB needs to track whether or not an update to a resource is relevant to the user.

   i) What updates are possible?
   ii) How will a user tell SB which updates to look out for?

c) SB must inform user of these updates

   i) The user needs to know what has updated
       *Appropriate metadata should be relayed-- what is it, and should this be configurable?
       (example of appropriate metadata: 'does this update require my input?')
   ii) In what way should the user be notified?


TBA, look into timeline events. Roughly divides into three parts:

a) SB tracking info b) Info displayed to user c) Info interactive