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Revision as of 16:38, 18 November 2015 by Zara (talk | contribs) (the conversation so far)
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15:46 < Zara> so priority number 1 has to be email notifications 15:47 < Zara> we've got as far as patches to say '$subscribedresource was updated' 15:47 < Zara> so once those are merged 15:47 < betherly> can we narrow that even further. ie subpoinnts 15:47 < betherly> ie what does that involve work wise and what will we include feature wise 15:48 < Zara> yeah, was about to say, we can stop at that point if something else seems like a better priority, or we can continue to refine them-- where those questions come in 15:48 < betherly> :) 15:49 < Zara> this is the patch where the discussion heads toward that: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/240346/ 15:54 < Zara> So, re: refining or moving on-- I'm not sure there's anything that's ready to move on to. My gut feeling is that this affects people more than any bugs in search. 15:55 < persia> Lack of subscription makes it not worthwhile to put anything in storyboard: you can't have a conversation, and your stories get lost. 15:55 < Zara> or at least it will, once it's merged and people start getting lots of emails-- and for as long as it isn't merged, nobody can use storyboard to track tasks without putting in a *lot* of effort. 15:56 < persia> With subscription, search isn't important for any story you are already following (because you have notifications), and it encourages folk to share story URLs to others so they can subscribe. 15:56 < Zara> we should distinguish between subscriptions themselves and notifications when things happen to subscribed resources 15:56 < Zara> subscriptions are up. 15:57 < Zara> notifications do come up in recent events 15:57 < Zara> email notifications aren't up yet. 15:59 < Zara> and I think the notifications that come up in 'recent events' don't apply to every change one can make to the subscribed resource 15:59 < Zara> I'm wondering if we should say that 'notification' is the main thing to focus on, or if we're best just looking at emails specifically 16:00 < Zara> I think the goal matters more and we'd be better off looking at notification in general. 16:02 < Zara> (I think this is currently recent events on the dashboard and email notifications) 16:11 -!- wuhg [uid39398@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-hzcjrnfbyyeemhcb] has quit [Quit: Connection closed for inactivity] 16:12 < Zara> so my vague map for notifications would be: 1) email notifications when subscribed resources update-- these should be configurable to avoid spam (configuration options need to be decided). 2) recent events should update in a useful way when subscribed

             resources update (this needs fleshing out-- what time period is 'recent'? (ie: how long should an event display for? presumably we want multiple events to display... under what conditions should they update?))

16:12 < Zara> I suspect the code for these is quite entwined atm. 16:13 < Zara> lots of brackets because I am a terrible person 16:14 < Zara> I don't know where to start with configuration options for emails, but it seems like the sensible place to start. 16:15 < Zara> I suppose we would need to decide what got configured, make the filters functional, and have a way for a user to choose them. 16:16 < betherly> sorry for disappearing for a while there 16:16 < Zara> as far as the last point goes, there's already a 'preferences' area in the UX for timeline events, so that seems like the place to put the options. 16:16 < Zara> no worries 16:16 < Zara> I just rambled 16:16 < betherly> that all seems good to me tbh 16:17 < betherly> do you want to write that up in an etherpad or something? 16:17 < persia> Let's use the StoryBoard wiki. 16:17 < betherly> ah yes sorry persia you mentioned that earlier my bad 16:18 < betherly> #memoryissues #oldbeforemytime 16:18 < persia> betherly: No worries: I just find the proliferation of etherpads increasingly hard to follow :) 16:18 < persia> They are great for live sessions because it supports multiple simultaneous edits better, but less ideal for longer-lived things. 16:18 < Zara> heh, I was just working things out on paper (well, irc) but recording it will stop things from getting lost in the meantime 16:19 < betherly> yep :) 16:19 < Zara> I work things out by discussing them with myself at length on irc and distracting everyone, it's great 16:20 < betherly> haha :D 16:21 < Zara> is this enough to be getting on with, or is it worth rambling some more before we put it up? 16:23 < persia> I think that's enough for notifications. 16:24 < persia> I also want tags to work: the mess a few days ago when a tag was added making the story unreadable was very unfortunate. Even if tags don't work right, making them not dangerous would be good. 16:24 < Zara> okay, I think we'll find the first step to getting there (re: notifications) is to work out how timeline events currently work, where they intersect with email notifications atm.