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StoryBoard/Midcycle Meetup

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Etherpad here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/StoryBoard_Mitaka_Midcycle

Join us on the 17th February, Manchester, England, for a glorious afternoon of tea, cake, and StoryBoard-related repartee! Topics include:

  • A warm welcome for contributors old and new

- For newcomers: What is it? Why StoryBoard?

- For the old guard: What has the current team been up to for the last 3 months?

- For everyone: Cake.

  • Update on exciting things to come in the world of StoryBoard

- We have plans, dreams, and a fine selection of teas. Prioriteas. ... I'm sorry. That was awful. (We do have teas, though.):


- Where we're going with worklists and boards (storyboard's very own kanban!)

- Notifications! We have basic emails; what next?

- Storyboard Search

- Mystery topic!

  • Preparing for the upcoming infra-cloud sprint.

Oscar Wilde himself would not miss out. StoryBoard is the Sistine Chapel of OpenStack, so let's remove the scaffolding.