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Storyboard is a task tracker for OpenStack.

If you want an introduction to OpenStack, this is a good project to start with, as the team is small and friendly (even if we say that ourselves). If you like web-development with AngularJS, or you like Python, please say hello in #storyboard! If not, please say hello in #storyboard; it makes us feel popular.

Please Note: Much of the StoryBoard development team is currently based in the UK. If things seem too quiet, it might just be a case of different timezones. Stick around!

Vision & Roadmap


Wednesdays at 1500 UTC in #openstack-meeting


We talk about storyboard on IRC! We like to talk about the UX! We've confused ourselves by using different words for things! So here's a quick example, with labels corresponding to the red numbers. (1), in green here, is the top bar. (2), in black here, is the sidebar:

1. Top bar 2. Sidebar

Those are the words we now use. Those, and no others.

Other doc

Alternate solutions: