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Storyboard is a task tracker for OpenStack.

Vision & Roadmap


Weekly on Mondays at 16:00 UTC in #openstack-meeting-3


Urgent Items:

  • Migration Script Bug.
    • fungi to provide krotscheck with users table dump for more debug data.
  • Import Bugs

Discussion Topics:

MVP 1.1 (Infra):

  • Bug Import

MVP 1.2 (Feature Tracking):

Future Work:

MVP 1.3 (LP Bugs parity):

  • CLI Interface
  • Story Types phase 2 (vulnerabilities)
  • Security Bugs
    • Ability to restrict access to bugs to some ACL controlled by people already in it (might require RBAC)
    • Importing security bugs ? Might not be necessary since all become public
  • File Attachments

MVP 1.3.1 (Bugs support):

  • Integration with Specs
  • Project Stats/Graphs/Reporting
  • Etherpad Summit Design Session Markup Import
  • Bulk Import/export
  • User Activity Report (heat map?)
  • IRC Bot

Unscheduled & Unprioritized:

  • Rich Text Comments
  • UX Support
  • Role based access controls
  • inter Story Dependencies / Epics
  • DocImpact Bug Support
  • Load/Performance Tests
  • Performance Issues (Data Cache, batch request)
  • Feature Freeze Exception Workflow (using tag?)
  • Kanban Board (Import from Codethink)
  • Angular Data
  • Subscription Event API (Web sockets?)
  • Federation Design & API
  • Batch Request API
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Operator Impact of Bug (How many are impacted by this)
  • Build gate failure (build gate fails repeatedly, why?)

Open Discussion

Last Meeting

Urgent Items

  • Bug in Subscriptions

Discussion topics

MVP 1.1

  • Search (krotscheck, nkonovalov)
  • Launchpad Data Import (mordred, krotscheck)
  • Subscription (nkonovalov, ish__, krotscheck)
  • Project Groups (krotscheck)
  • Tags (nkonovalov)
  • Emails (krotscheck)

Open Discussion

Other doc

Alternate solutions: