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* [[StoryBoard/Story_Types]] -- how we'll track bugs, features, and other story types
* [[StoryBoard/Story_Types]] -- how we'll track bugs, features, and other story types
* [[StoryBoard/Notifications]] -- plans for notifications spec
* [[StoryBoard/Notifications]] -- plans for notifications spec
Alternate solutions:
Alternate solutions:

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Storyboard is a task tracker for OpenStack.

We have a test instance over here if you'd like to play around with it!

If you want an introduction to OpenStack, this is a good project to start with, as the team is small and friendly (even if we say that ourselves). If you like web-development with AngularJS, or you like Python, please say hello in #storyboard! If not, please say hello in #storyboard; it makes us feel popular.

Please Note: Much of the StoryBoard development team is currently based in the UK. If things seem too quiet, it might just be a case of different timezones. Stick around!

Weekly Meetings


In our highly distributed community (and team), communication is the most important skill you could have. So please! Join the conversation :)

For StoryBoard, we have our own #storyboard channel on freenode in IRC for all conversations related to our wonderful task tracker! If you have any questions about usage or getting involved please feel free to drop in!

If you don't have an IRC client set up, you can access our freenode channel here

We also make use of the openstack-dev and openstack-infra mailing lists for more asynchronous communication. Please use the tag [StoryBoard] in the subject header to get our attention :)

Contributing to StoryBoard

Contributor Guide

If you haven't contributed to any OpenStack project before, please start with our Contributor Guide!

After you've completed the guide please join us in our channel: #storyboard

If you need help with anything in the Guide, please contact the First Contact SIG

Developer Docs

When developing StoryBoard, its incredibly helpful to be able to spin up a local version to test your changes (and hopefully those of others). The documentation here explains how you can run your own StoryBoard locally.

Other Important Links

Useful Sites For Web Development

Most OpenStack engineers are more experienced in systems engineering and less aware of common web development tools; here are some sites that the OpenStack web development specialists recommend:

- https://css-tricks.com

- http://railsforzombies.org/

- http://docs.emmet.io/abbreviations/ http://emmet.io/

- https://www.smashingmagazine.com/

- http://codepen.io/

- https://egghead.io/

- http://www.cssmatic.com/ (interactive examples)

- http://www.color-hex.com/ (includes code examples; assumes knowledge of colour theory) http://www.colourdetails.com (takes longer to load, includes examples, explains theory)

- https://news.ycombinator.com/ (okay this is general news)

Storyboard Schema & API

Quick reference for developers (thanks, griff!). Needs updating with boards and worklists

Other Documentation

Alternate solutions:

Migrating to StoryBoard

So you're migrating to StoryBoard from Launchpad? There is documentation on this process here. Please feel free to ask questions in our #storyboard IRC channel as you go through this process. We are here to help and excited to have you!

We are obviously undergoing a migration as a community to using StoryBoard. If you are curious about progress you can follow it here.

Past Meetup Discussions & Other Design Documents