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Stewardship Working Group

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Stewardship Working Group (SWG) Meetings

The OpenStack Technical Committee adopted a resolution on July 12 2016 to setup the Stewardship Working Group (SWG): https://governance.openstack.org/resolutions/20160705-stewardship.html

It was the stated intent in establishing this working group that the community would benefit from establishing a small group to review the leadership, communication, and decision making processes of the TC and OpenStack projects as a whole, and propose a set of improvements based on the the concepts of "Servant Leadership" and "Stewardship". The SWG will be responsible for producing actionable recommendations and improvements that the TC can then consider for adoption and roll out to the OpenStack community. Anyone interested in leadership, stewardship, and OpenStack is welcome to join the working group.

The SWG is an advisory body. Final decisions about any changes proposed by the SWG will be made by the TC.

Courtesy Ping List

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amrith, dhellmann, gothicmindfood, ttx, jroll, johnthetubaguy, sdague, mordred, carolbarrett, nikhil, mugsie, thingie, alexismonville, edleafe, EmilienM, harlowja

Tuesday, October 11th 1500 UTC

WHERE: openstack-meeting-3

1 Review Action items from last week

2 Discuss any documents that are available for review

3 Open Discussion

Meeting Agenda History