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StarlingX/stx.2018.10 Release Notes

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These are the draft Release Notes for the first StarlingX release stx.2018.10. StarlingX uses "year.month" for release version numbers. The StarlingX stx.2018.10 release will be available in October 2018.

New Features

StoryBoard ID Feature
N/A ovs-dpdk integration
2002820 Support for external Ceph backend
2202821 Support for adding compute nodes to all-in-one duplex deployments
2002822 Support remote client for Windows and Mac OS
2003115 Deprecate proprietary Cinder volume backup and restore
2002825 Support Gnocchi storage backend for OpenStack telemetry
2002847 Add ntfs-3g packages
2002826 Memcached integration
2002935 Support for Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
2003087 Generalized interface and network configuration
2003518 Enable Swift on controllers
2002712 StarlingX API documentation

Other changes

StoryBoard ID Change
2002827 Decouple Service Management REST API from sysinv
2002828 Decouple Fault Management from stx-config
2002829 Decouple Guest-server/agent from stx-metal
2002832 Replace compute-huge init script
2002834 Add distributed cloud repos to StarlingX
2002846 Python Optimization
2003389, 2003596 Upgrade kernel and srpm/rpms to CentOS 7.5
3003396, 2003339 Upgrade libvirt to 4.7.0
3002891 Stx-gui plug-in for Horizon
Many Build enhancements, cleanups and optimizations
Many Enable basic zuul checks and linters
Many Python 2 to 3 upgrade for stx-update, stx-metal, stx-fault, stx-integ