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=== How to submit a test ===
=== How to submit a test ===
=== Test repo information ===
=== Test repo information ===
=== Manual test case format ===

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Tests for StarlingX

All test for the project are welcome.

If you are developing a new feature, it's your responsibility to also contribute with the test for the CI and the functional test of your code.

For instructions on how to submit your test for the CI process, go here.

For [manual] functional tests, please use the template shown below, in rst format. We have a template in our google drive: download it.

StarlingX Test Case

Test Case ID: <Test Case ID from Test Management Tool>
Test Case Title: <Title should be descriptive of what this test case is doing>
Creation Date: <Date the test case was created>
Created by: <Name of the person writing the test case – Name of the Company>
Last Updated Date: <Date the last update was made to this test case – If Applicable>
Last Updated by: <Name of the person making the update – If Applicable>
Introduction Release: <Release Number>
Domain: <Domain Name>
Sub-Domain: <Sub-domain Name – If Applicable>
Feature: <Feature Number – Feature Name>
Automation Flag: <Should this test case be automated>
Automation Requirement: <Automation Requirements>
Regression Flag: <Should this test case be added in Regression Suite>
Priority: <Test Case Priority>
Description: <Brief description of the goal of this test case>


  1. Step-1
  2. Step-2
  3. Step-3
  4. Step-4

Expected Results:

<What is the expected result>

How to submit a test

Test repo information