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StarlingX Test Sub-project

Team Information

  • Project Lead: Ada Cabrales <ada.cabrales@intel.com>
  • Technical Lead: Jose Perez <jose.perez.carranza@intel.com>
  • Quality Assurance Engineer: Elio Martinez <elio.martinez.monroy@intel.com>
  • Contributors:

Team Objective / Priorities

  • Responsible for verification of StarlingX, including automated and manual testing

Story Board Tags

All story board stories created for this team should use the tag "stx.test" and the prefix [Test]

Team Work Items


  • Capture status - what's the cadence? weekly?
  • 2018/08/06:
  • 2018/08/13:

Latest ISO image Sanity Summary

  • ISO: stx-2018-08-30-97.iso
  • ISO: stx-2018-08-31-98.iso
  • ISO: stx-2018-09-01-99.iso
  • ISO: stx-2018-09-02-100.iso
  • ISO: stx-2018-09-03-101.iso
  • ISO: stx-2018-09-04-102.iso
    • All these iso images are having the same behavior
  • Installation: [PASS] , 5 test cases success
  • Provisioning: [FAIL] error during 2nd controller provisioning, last test fail from 4
  • Tests after Provisioning: [FAIL] as consequence from provisioning failure, 10 pass from 28 tests
    • More details regarding results, please contact elio.martinez.monroy@intel.com
    • Most of the failures are related with the compute installation.
    • Full logs and reports will be uploaded soon
  • Related bugs: