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StarlingX/Tags and Prefixes

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Tags and Prefixes


Each new Story created shall be marked with Tags. We are using Tags to:

  • Show what kind of a Story it is - a Bug, a Feature, etc...
  • Show what release the Story is targeted to: stx.2018.08, stx.2018.11, etc... See the TBD section for more info on our Release plans
  • Show which sub-project of Starling is responsible for completing the Story. See the TBD section for more info on the project's sub-projects

To help us all keep things straight and to enable us to share queries and searches please follow these rules:

  • All newly created Stories shall be tagged as described here
  • All newly newly created Stories shall be tagged with stx.new so we know that the story needs to be reviewed and assigned to a release.

Tags for Story "kinds"

Tag Description
stx.new For brand new stories that need to be reviewed by the Cores, assigned to a sub-project, or just triaged
stx.bug For defects
stx.feature For new features

Tags for Story Releases

Tag Description
stx.2018.08 For bugs or features intended to be completed before the August code freeze for the September release
stx.2018.11 For bugs or features intended to be completed before the November code freeze for the December release

Tags for Sub-projects

Tag Description
stx.security For bugs or features for the Security sub-project
stx.docs For work items for the Documentation and Infrastructure sub-project
stx.releases For bugs or features for the Releases sub-project


This page is under construction.

To make it easier to visually identify categories of work and to search on them, you can optionally add a prefix to the description for a Story. The following prefixes are defined:

    • [Enhancement]: An improvement or enhancement to the functionality of StartingX; typically smaller scope items
    • [Build]: Build tools, environment, repo organization, etc
    • [Process]: Process and project related work items
    • [Test]: Test/Validation related work items
    • [Upstreaming]: Work items that need to be pushed in the core openstack projects or other 3rd party repo's
    • [Help]: Request for assistance, questions
Prefix Description
[Bug] A problem which impairs or prevents the functionality of StarlingX
[Feature] For new features and enhancements
[Doc] For documentation work items
[Security] For security issues e.g. CVE reports


A new defect for the Security Sub-project would be tagged as: stx.new, stx stx.bug, stx.security. The description can optionally contain "[BUG][Security]".

A new feature for the TBD Sub-project should be tagged as: stx.feature stx.TBD. The description can optionally contain [Feature][TBD].

Note that each Tag needs to be entered separately in the web UI.