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StarlingX/StarlingX Packet.com iPXE Installation

Install AIO Simplex into Packet.com via iPXE

Packet.com is a baremetal public cloud and they have donated some resources to the StarlingX project. The way that a custom operating system is installed into Packet.com is via iPXE. These instructions show a basic method for inintial instllation of a StarlingX ISO on Packet.com.

Configure a Web Server to serve ISO

This assumes an Ubuntu 16.04 instance, but any Apache web server should do. It must be available publicly, ie. have a public IP address that is available from the Packet.com data center that the instance is being deployed to.

apt install apache -y

Download an ISO from the CENGN StarlingX build archive.

Mount that ISO where it will be available to the webserver process.

mkdir /var/www/html/stx
mount -o loop ~/bootimage.iso /var/www/html/stx

Create an iPXE configuration file that is availble from the web server. Replace the "webserver_public_ip" with the webservers public IP address. Note that the configuration below will install a AIO Simplex node via the

set base-url http://<webserver_public_ip>/stx
kernel ${base-url}/vmlinuz console=ttyS1,115200n8 root=live:${base-url}/LiveOS/squashfs.img ip=dhcp ks=${base-url}/smallsystem_ks.cfg boot_device=sda rootfs_device=sda inst.text inst.repo=${base-url} security_profile=standard user_namespace.enable=1
initrd ${base-url}/initrd.img

Create an Instance in Packet.com

Use "Custom iPXE" for the operating system choice and point it to the iPXE configuration that was setup in the webserver configuration step.