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StarlingX/Release Plan


List of releases


Version Docs Release Date End of Life Date
Stx.08.2018.0x (Quarterly) Release Notes link TBD TBD + 6 months


Version Docs Release Date End of Life Date

Management of releases

Release cadence and Schedule

Releases are published in a time based fashion:

  • Every Long Term period with quarterly updates.
  • Every Quarterly with monthly updates.

Monthly release

  • Each month in the 2nd week of the month a branch will be pulled.
  • Branch name format stx.YY.MM.patch#
  e.g. stx.2018.08.0x (where “0x” is a patch number)

Quarterly release

  • 2nd month in the quarter.
  • For each quarterly release, the code freeze for that release is the 2nd week in the 2nd month in the quarter.

Long Term release

  • TBD

Support length

  • Quarterly releases are supported for 6 months.
  • Long Term releases are out of plan so far.

Release team

  • Intel CI/CD Lead - hazzim.i.anaya.casas@intel.com
  • Intel Developer - mario.alfredo.c.arevalo@intel.com

Stx Release Plan.png