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StarlingX/Release Plan

Release Plan

The community has decided to adapt the quarterly release cadence. We agreed to follow the time-based release process. If your code is ready, it gets released. If it's not ready, you wait for the next release

We are going to support the quarterly release cadence using monthly branches. The branches will be named "stx.<year>.<month>, for example "stx.2018.07" for the branch for July 2018. We will be pulling branches monthly to allow the project's testing team to have a stable environment to run long duration tests.

Each quarter we will use the 2nd month's branch as the branch for the quarterly release. The releases will be named "stx.<year>.<month>.<patch number>, with the patch number starting at zero and increasing with each new patch (fix) on the branch. So the release for Q3 of 2018 will be named "stx.2018.08.0x", where "x" is the number of patches against that branch. Note that the release is named after the month the branch was pulled in, not the month the release ships in.

The timeline for Q3 of 2018 looks like this: Week of July 9th - pull stx.2018.07 branch for testing Week of August 6th - pull stx.2018.08 branch as the Q3 release branch Week of September 10th - pull stx.2018.09 branch for testing

Any defects found in a branch should be fixed on master. Fixes needed for a release or to unblock testing shall be cherry picked into the branch as needed.

Stx Release Plan.png