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StarlingX/Release Plan

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StarlingX is released periodically; one release in 2018 and three releases/year starting in 2019. A release consists of a branch in the source code repositories that enables repeatable builds over time.

Release Definition

A StarlingX milestone/release is a tagged branch in the source code repositories that:

  • is considered stable and can be used for repeatable builds
  • will have no additional features added
  • will backport bug fixes for critical issues only
  • will be maintained in the canonical repositories for a specified minimum period
  • The list of repos included is maintained in stx-manifest/default.xml (or similar) for any given release. (Note: this file included non-StarlingX-managed repos, only repos from the "starlingx" and "stx-staging" remotes are included.)
  • The actual release is a tag on the corresponding branch, i.e. r/2018.10 release branch will be initially tagged as 2018.10.0

Release Cadence and Schedule

Releases are published in a time based fashion:

  • The initial StarlingX release is planned for October 2018
  • From 2019, the regular release cadence is 3 releases/year; released in March, July, and November.

Release Lifecycle

Release Definition Phase

Release Planning Phase

Release Execution Phase

Code Freeze and RC Phase

Formal Releases

  • Released three times per year
  • For each release, the code freeze for that release is four weeks prior to the release date.
  • Branch name format r/YYYY.MM[.n]
    • 'r/' is the branch name prefix (release)
    • .n is a sequence number appended if more than one branch is created in a given month
  • Release Candidate is tagged as YYYY.MM.rcX
  • Release is tagged as YYYY.MM.0

Monthly Milestones

  • Informal milestones to be used by the test team for a pre-defined sanity/regression test cycle.
  • Created each month in the 2nd week of the month a branch will be pulled.
  • Branch name format m/YYYY.MM
    • 'm/' is the branch name prefix (milestone)
    • .n is a sequence number appended if more than one branch is created in a given month
  • Milestone is tagged as YYYY.MM.0

Long Term Support

  • To be defined based on release content, not time based

Support Length

  • Formal releases are supported for 8 months; support for the n and n-1 releases.
  • Long Term Support is ""TBD""

List of Releases


Version Code Freeze Release Date End of Life Date Docs
2018.10.0 2018/09/26 2018/10/24 TBD TBD
2019.03.0 2019/02/13 2018/03/13 TBD TBD
2019.07.0 TBD TBD TBD TBD
2019.11.0 TBD TBD TBD TBD

Release Team

  • For team members and other information, visit the StarlingX Releases sub-project wiki page here

Release Diagram

Diagram needs to be updated Stx Release Plan.png