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StarlingX/Project Priorities

Project Priorities

This Etherpad is the working document for updating this list for the next 6 months.

The following is an ordered list of our priorities from highest to lowest for the next six months.

  1. Build stability & mirror cache / improvements. Owner: Build sub-project
  2. Basic processes & infrastructure Owner: Docs & Infra sub-project
  3. Documentation Owner: Docs & Infra sub-project
  4. Distro management. Owners: Distro OpenStack subproject and Distro Non-OpenStack subproject
    1. No OpenStack updates planned for 2018. Rocky/Stein in 2019.
    2. CentOS 7.5 update for Q4 2018 (October release)
    3. We will continually update components for CVE's.
    4. Ceph & qemu/libvirt to update to tip asap
  5. Patch backlog analysis and plan to address / close forks. Owner Distro sub-projects
  6. Disposition of StarlingX staging - find a long term home for those repos. Owner Dean
  7. Project decoupling - make the services more self contained. Owner stx-* services sub-projects (the Flock)
  8. KPI establishment, test automation and on-going improvements. Owner Test
  9. Reduce patch backlog - openstack and non-openstack. Owner Distro sub-projects
  10. Containerized OpenStack services support. Owner Container subproject
  11. Distributed Cloud (owner stx-dcloud)
  12. Python 3 readiness. Owner Distro-subprojects
  13. Package system independence Owner Non OpenStack Distro team (will need stx-update support)
  14. Operating System independence Owner Non OpenStak Distro team
  15. Networking features Owner Networking sub-project
  16. Intel-specific features: SGX, EPID, integrations with Intel platforms and software Owner TBD