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StarlingX/NFV/VIM Automated Testing

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The VIM has a set of automated testcases. To run these, the following minimum configuration is required:

  • 2 controller hosts
  • 2 compute hosts

The testing can be done in either Virtual Box or on real hardware. Note that when running on Virtual Box, some testcases may fail due to high CPU occupancy, depending on the host being used for Virtual Box.

The automated testcases assume that the system has been configured to the point where the compute hosts are unlocked and online. To do this, follow the instructions at https://docs.starlingx.io/deploy_install_guides/index.html to install a Standard System with Controller Storage and two worker nodes. The worker nodes must be named compute-0 and compute-1 (not worker-0 and worker-1). Then install the StarlingX OpenStack application, following the instructions at the same location.

Once the StarlingX OpenStack application is installed, set up the local CLI to access the OpenStack components. Then add network segment ranges as follows:

openstack network segment range create ${PHYSNET0}-a --network-type vlan --physical-network ${PHYSNET0} --minimum 400 --maximum 499 --private
openstack network segment range create ${PHYSNET0}-b --network-type vlan --physical-network ${PHYSNET0} --minimum 10 --maximum 10 --shared
openstack network segment range create ${PHYSNET1}-a --network-type vlan --physical-network ${PHYSNET1} --minimum 500 --maximum 599 --private

Once your test system has been configured, copy the scenario tests from git to the active controller:

scp -r stx-nfv/nfv/nfv-tests/nfv_scenario_tests wrsroot@<controller-0 IP>:~

Then on the active controller, copy the scenario tests to the site-packages directory and enter that directory:

sudo cp -r /home/wrsroot/nfv_scenario_tests /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages
cd /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/nfv_scenario_tests

Finally, look at the README file for instructions on running the tests. Please note:

  • The tests must be run as the root user.
  • The tests using default-data use a guest without heartbeating enabled. Always run these (do not run the default-data-guest tests).
  • To disable specific tests, edit the data/tests/submission-tests.template file.