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StarlingX packaging for Yocto / Wind River Linux

  • Meeting Minutes: 20180819 *

Over the next few weeks, while Babak stays focused on STX, the rest of the team will need to focus on the Akraino list: https://jive.windriver.com/docs/DOC-78998 We need this both because a working Akraino PoC is due first, and to create the correct list of dependencies. We know that many of the packages gathered from the CentOS build may not be needed in Yocto.

We need to start the process of moving packages from https://github.com/zbsarashki/meta-starlingX to the git.yoctoproject.org. There will be three layers:

  Common packages to go in the distribution layer

We should start with upreves. Jackie to work with Liezh Yang (Robert?) to initiate the process.

Items to review:

  CGCS packages
  Yocto compatibility test,
  SE Linux configs are incomplete in the Yocto project (meta-se-linux): create your own configurations
  Puppet packets shoud go in meta-cloud-services
  Get rid of Kerberos (krb5-libs) or disable it if possible
  Python packages should contain 3 config files (inc, phython-2, phython-3.  i.e. python 3 should be supported given python-2 is is nearing EOL).
  Make sure TPM and trouser support is Intel version, not IBM version
  Use DNF (Dandified yum instead of yum)
  When should we move from Thud to master?