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Meeting Minutes

Attendees: babak.sarashki@windriver.com xiaohua.zhang@windriver.com jackie.huang@windriver.com litao.gao@windriver.com stephen.gooch@windriver.com

Work Estimate:

Package Type Package Quantity StarlingX Req to Modifiy Total All 1016 Already In Yocto 540 72 Not in Yocto 476 212 "StarlingX package Requires to modify/new" 284 "Base system package Requires to modify/new" 264 548

In these 548 packages Quantity Package Type FTE day Comments 100 python packages 30 Packages are in group, they are very similar, so it will cost less time than the regular packages. 45 puppet packages 10 20 perl packages 15 20 Erlang packages 15 config packages 348 others 348 Average effort estimation, 1 FTE day to port 1 package

Total package porting work estimation 403

I&V (Integration and Validation) FTE day Comments HOST I&V 30 It is only cover the customer requirement in doc. The general StarlingX test plan is include more than 250 test cases, the estimation is not for this. STX Flock 30 Kubernetes related OpenStack related

Total I&V work estimation 60

StarlingX from CentOS to Yocto 403