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MultiOS Sub-project

Welcome to the MultiOS sub-project!

Team members

  • Project Lead: Cesar Lara (<cesar.lara@intel.com>)
  • Technical Lead : TBD. Candidates are: Brent Rowsell, Saul Wold
  • Contributors: Saul Wold, Dean Troyer, Mario Alfredo C Arevalo, Jesus Ornelas Aquayo, Yong Hu, Yi C Wang; Yan Chen, Mingyuan Qi, Cesar Lara, Scott Little, Abraham Arce Moreno, Bruce Jones

Weekly call

Every Monday 4PM Pacific time https://zoom.us/j/342730236

Project notes https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-multios


Our goals for this sub-project are:

  • Enable StarlingX to be built on and run on multiple host operating systems
    • Our initial target operating systems are CentOS (currently supported), Clear Linux and Ubuntu
  • Enable StarlingX to provide software management services for multiple package file formats
    • This requires building abstraction layers in the StarlingX Flock to allow package management to be defined per-OS (or per package manager)


This work is dependent on work being done in the Python2 to Python3 Transition and Devstack Integration sub-projects, and will become easier as the Upstreaming project gets the StarlingX forks closed.

Work items

  • All Storyboard stories created for this team should use the tag "stx.multios" and the prefix [MultiOS].
  • The work items for this team can be found in Storyboard here.
  • The bugs open against the project can be found in TBD

Operating System Dependent Notes and Issues


See Debian

Clear Linux

See ClearLinux


Ubuntu issues

Problems that need to be solved in this integration include:

  • Ubuntu is built from .deb packages and uses Debian package management tools. StarlingX is currently hard-coded with RPM packages and tools.
  • TBD...
Ubuntu high level plan
  • TBD...