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MultiOS Sub-project

Welcome to the MultiOS sub-project!

Team members

  • Project Lead: TBD. Candidates are: Bruce Jones <bruce.e.jones@intel.com>
  • Technical Lead : TBD. Candidates are: Brent Rowsell, Saul Wold
  • Contributors: TBD...

Weekly call



Our goals for this sub-project are:

  1. Enable StarlingX to be built on and run on multiple operating systems
    1. Our initial target operating systems are Clear Linux and Ubuntu
    2. This requires significant changes to the build system, to the content of StarlingX, resolution of many of the carried patches, resolution of Python2 code and many other major changes
  2. Enable StarlingX to provide software management services for multiple package file formats
    1. This requires building abstraction layers in the StarlingX Flock to allow package management to be defined per-OS (or per package manager)

Work items

  • All Storyboard stories created for this team should use the tag "stx.multios" and the prefix [MULTIOS].
  • The work items for this team can be found in Storyboard here.
  • The bugs open against the project can be found in TBD