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= StarlingX IA Feature Sub-project =
This page has been removed.
This project is for work items to enable Intel Architecture specific features.
=== Team Information ===
* Project Lead: TBD
* Technical Lead: TBD
* Core Reviewers: TBD
* Contributors: TBD
=== Team Objective / Priorities ===
* Validate that existing IA Features already supported in StarlingX are working correctly
* Address any defects in IA Feature support
* Add support for new IA features
=== Tags ===
All story board stories and launchpad bugs created for this team should use the tag "'''stx.ia'''"
=== Team Work Items ===
* Story Board
** All
*** [https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/list?status=active&tags=stx.ia&project_group_id=86 Active Stories]
*** [https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/list?status=merged&tags=stx.ia&project_group_id=86 Merged Stories]
* Launchpad Bugs
** TBD
=== IA Features in already in StarlingX ===
{| class="wikitable"
! Feature !! Description !! Baseline !! Use Cases !! Implementation !! Testing Status
| Vt-X || Accelerates virtual machines to near bare metal performance || Xeon / XeonD || Near native virtualized CPU performance || Performance enhancement of VMs, live migration from one Intel CPU generation to another ||
| Vt-D || Enables physical NICs and/or GPUs to be mapped directly to virtual machine|| Xeon / XeonD || Native I/O performance|| PCI Passthrough and SR-IOV support ||
| AVX-512 || Enables high performance vector workloads|| Xeon Skylake, Xeon Scalable Processor || Telecom, AI, high performance storage, encryption and compression || Enhanced KVM performance, guest AVX-512 support ||
| Trusted Execution Technology || Used to attest system authenticity and state|| TPM 2.0|| Secure boot and verified system state|| Secure boot, TPM 2.0 storage of communication keys, vTPM 2.0 support in guests.||
| AES-NI || Accelerates encryption/decryption || Xeon Westmere +|| Full disk encryption and faster communications|| Linux encryption performance enhancements||
| UEFI Boot || Secure Boot || UEFI spec 2.6+|| Secure boot and faster boot || Secure boot and fast boot ||
| DPDK|| Acceleration library for networking|| Intel DPDK|| High speed VM-to-VM networking|| Optimized DPDK libraries ||
| QuickAssist || Hardware-based compression and encryption|| Coleto Creek, VT-d|| Exposing QuickAssist engine to VMs and virtualization of QuickAssist across VMs || Support PCI passthrough and SR-IOV access for VMs to QuickAssist accelerators||
| Enhanced Platform Awareness (EPA) || Set of enabling features that take full advantage of Intel Architecture through OpenStack|| N/A || Performance / determinism controls such as core pinning, NUMA awareness / controls, hyperthreading awareness / controls, CPU model selection || Suite of features that provide fine grained control for VMs.  Can specify core pinning, NUMA affinity to vSwitch and NICs, split NUMA VMs, hyperthreading isolate or require, select CPU model to enable / disable CPU capabilities / instruction sets, huge page sizes. ||
| BMC / IMPI || Integration with BMCs for hardware monitoring || N/A || Discovery of and monitoring of hardware through BMC using IPMI || Integration with BMCs to discover and collect hardware sensor data with capability to alarm on the values. ||

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