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StarlingX Flock Services Sub-project

Team Information

  • Project Lead: Dariush Eslimi <Dariush.Eslimi@windriver.com>
  • Technical Lead: Bart Wensley <Barton.Wensley@windriver.com>

Team Objective / Priorities

  • Responsible for developing features and addressing bugs in the following repos:
Repo Core Reviewers Active Stories Open Bugs Wiki Page
clients stx-clients-core stx.clients stx.clients N/A
fault stx-fault-core stx.fault stx.fault StarlingX/Fault
gui stx-gui-core stx.gui stx.gui StarlingX/GUI
ha stx-ha-core stx.ha stx.ha StarlingX/HA
metal stx-metal-core stx.metal stx.metal StarlingX/Metal
monitoring stx-monitoring-core stx.monitoring stx.monitoring N/A
nfv stx-nfv-core stx.nfv stx.nfv StarlingX/NFV
update stx-update-core stx.update stx.update StarlingX/Update