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== Contribution Guidelines ==
{{Warning|header='''Warning - Deprecated'''|body='''This wiki page is out of date and now deprecated. See [https://docs.starlingx.io/contributor/index.html StarlingX Contributor Guide]'''}}
We are a new project within a Foundation that has been a big part of the open source community for a long time.  Many of us are new to OpenStack development, and while StarlingX isn't an official OpenStack project, we share the same Foundation and the same goals, so it makes sense to share the same basic development processes.
* We will follow all the usual OpenStack conversions
** Please see the [https://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/developers.html OpenStack Developer Guide] for a complete description
* Code submissions should do one thing.  Larger efforts should be divided into multiple submissions
* Code submissions shall have a signed-off-by line for DCO.  "git commit -s" will suffice. 
* Code submissions for new features and other larger development tasks should be discussed on the mailing list prior to code submission, to allow for community review and feedback.  Stories in the project's [https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project_group/86 Storyboard] should be created for this work.  Post early and often.  Please review (and test!) each other's code.
** We do not currently have a process for prioritization and review of our feature list.  TBD.
* Use of a [WIP] tag on gerrit submissions can be used to indicate that feedback is requested on an in-progress contribution.
* Code submissions for small bug fixes do not need to be discussed on the mailing list before submission to gerrit.  There should already be a Story in Storyboard for them, opened by the person who found the bug.  If the changes needed to fix the bug are large or complex, posting a proposed fix to the mailing list for discussion is advisable.

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This wiki page is out of date and now deprecated. See StarlingX Contributor Guide