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Testing Kubernetes Upgrades

In order to test a kubernetes upgrade, the recommended approach is to:

  • Build a StarlingX load with a previous kubernetes version
  • Build a set of patches for the new kubernetes version
  • Install the load and perform the upgrade

For example, if the release of StarlingX you are testing is currently using kubernetes v1.16.2, you could build a load using kubernetes v1.16.1.

Building a StarlingX load with a previous kubernetes version

The following changes must be made and then a load must be built.

Project: config

File: sysinv/sysinv/sysinv/sysinv/common/kubernetes.py

  • Change get_kube_versions function to specify previous version.

Project: integ

File: kubernetes/kubernetes/centos/build_srpm.data

  • Change VERSION to previous version.

File: kubernetes/kubernetes/centos/kubernetes.spec

  • Change %global commit to previous version.
  • Change %global kube_version to previous version.

Project: stx-puppet

File: puppet-manifests/src/modules/platform/templates/kubeadm.yaml.erb

  • Change kubernetesVersion to previous version.