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StarlingX Containers Sub-project

Team Information

  • Project Lead: Frank Miller <Frank.Miller@windriver.com>
  • Technical Lead: Bob Church <Robert.Church@windriver.com>
  • Contributors: Al Bailey <Al.Bailey@windriver.com>; Angie Wang <Angie.Wang@windriver.com>; Bart Wensley <Barton.Wensley@windriver.com>; Bob Church <Robert.Church@windriver.com>; Chris Friesen <Chris.Friesen@windriver.com>; David Sullivan <David.Sullivan@windriver.com>; Don Penney <Don.Penney@windriver.com>; Gerry Kopec <Gerry.Kopec@windriver.com>; James Gauld <James.Gauld@windriver.com>; Jerry Sun <Jerry.Sun@windriver.com>; Joseph Richard <Joseph.Richard@windriver.com>; Kevin Smith <Kevin.Smith@windriver.com>; Mingyuan Qi <mingyuan.qi@intel.com>; Ovidiu Poncea <Ovidiu.Poncea@windriver.com>; Ran An <ran1.an@intel.com>; Shuicheng Lin <shuicheng.lin@intel.com> ; Stefan Dinescu <Stefan.Dinescu@windriver.com>; Steve Webster <Steve.Webster@windriver.com>; Tao Liu <Tao.Liu@windriver.com>; Tee Ngo <Tee.Ngo@windriver.com>; Tyler Smith <Tyler.Smith@windriver.com>; Yi Wang <yi.c.wang@intel.com>; Zhipeng.Liu <zhipeng.s.liu@intel.com>;

Team Objective / Priorities


All story board stories and launchpad bugs created for this team should use the tag "stx.containers".

Team Work Items

Building StarlingX Docker Images

Overview of building StarlingX Docker Images can be found here:

StarlingX Containers FAQ

Consult the Containers FAQ for additional information on usage and debugging.

Kubernetes Upgrades

Kubernetes upgrades will be supported in stx.4.0 - see the Kubernetes Upgrades Spec for more information.

See Testing Kubernetes Upgrades for information about testing kubernetes upgrades.