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StarlingX Containers Sub-project

Team Information

  • Project Lead: Frank Miller <Frank.Miller@windriver.com>
  • Technical Lead: Brent Rowsell <Brent.Rowsell@windriver.com>
  • Contributors: Bart Wensley <Barton.Wensley@windriver.com>; Chris Friesen <Chris.Friesen@windriver.com>; Bob Church <Robert.Church@windriver.com>; Jerry Sun <Jerry.Sun@windriver.com>; Gerry Kopec <Gerry.Kopec@windriver.com>; Shoaib Nasir <Shoaib.Nasir@windriver.com>; Al Bailey <Al.Bailey@windriver.com>; Don Penney <Don.Penney@windriver.com>; Steve Webster <Steve.Webster@windriver.com>; Mingyuan Qi <mingyuan.qi@intel.com>; Zhipeng.Liu <zhipeng.s.liu@intel.com>; Yi Wang <yi.c.wang@intel.com>; An Ran <ran1.an@intel.com>

Team Objective / Priorities

  • Responsible for the development of containerized openstack services in StarlingX
  • Short Term Priorities (2018)
  • Long Term Priorities (2019)

Story Board Tags

All story board stories created for this team should use the tag "stx.containers".

Team Work Items


  • Capture status - what's the cadence? weekly?
  • 2018/08/06:
  • 2018/08/13: