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StarlingX/Clear Linux

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StarlingX Clear Linux Sub-project

Team Information

  • Project Lead: Cindy Xie (cindy.xie@intel.com)
  • Technical Lead: TBD
  • Contributors: Bruce Jones (bruce.e.jones@intel.com), Saul Wold, Dean Troyer, Mario Alfredo C Arevalo, Jesus Ornelas Aquayo, Yong Hu, Yi C Wang; Yan Chen; Mingyuan Qi

Calls and meeting minutes

The team is tracking our meeting agenda and minutes on this Etherpad.

Team Objective / Priorities

Clear Linux (https://clearlinux.org/) is a Linux distribution that is highly optimized for Intel Architecture. It also contains all of the very latest fixes for every package in the distribution, as Clear is built from all of the upstream project tips and released twice per day. Integrating StarlingX with Clear Linux is a priority for the Intel StarlingX team and is a large effort with many problems to solve.

Problems that need to be solved

Problems that need to be solved in this integration include:

  • Clear Linux does not support Python2. StarlingX contains Python2 code. Work to remove it is tracked in the Python2 project. Note that Glance and Ironic are not Python3 compliant in OpenStack Pike!
  • StarlingX is tightly coupled to a patched version of CentOS for features, stability and performance. Getting the patches accepted upstream is in progress, which will help making StarlingX OS independent. Additional work beyond patch upstreaming will likely be needed.
  • StarlingX is relies on controlling the RPM versions of the packages we build against and use at run-time. Work is needed to allow RPM package versions to "float". Additional work will be needed on a package by package basis to ensure StarlingX works reliably with new versions of packages.
  • StarlingX is tightly coupled to a patched version of OpenStack and the same issues/solution apply as for the CentOS coupling.
  • StarlingX is reliant on the RPM packaging system. Clear Linux is also based on RPMs.
  • Clear Linux support for OpenStack is work in progress. Any support provided would be based on OpenStack's latest release, StarlingX is currently on Pike.
  • The test infrastructure and test cases for StarlingX are currently minimal. Our ability to test the project in the face of the large changes needed to integrate with Clear Linux is currently limited.
  • StarlingX makes extensive changes to /etc for configuration. Clear Linux is stateless and makes (allows?) no changes to /etc.
  • Clear Linux does not provide all of the RPM packages needed to build or run StarlingX
  • StarlingX relies on installation automation that may not exist within Clear Linux
  • StarlingX makes extensive use of puppet, which may not be supported by Clear Linux

Story Board Tags

Please use stx.clear for any stories created for this sub-project.

Team work items