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StarlingX bugs are reported/tracked in Launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx

Please use the template below when opening StarlingX bugs.

Brief Description
Provide a brief description of the issue. Usually, it should not be more than 2 to 3 lines.
Example: After performing a restore of the system, user is unable to swact the controller. 

Provide the severity of the defect.
<Critical: System/Feature is not usable after the defect>
<Major: System/Feature is usable but degraded>
<Minor: System/Feature is usable with minor issue>

Steps to Reproduce
Write down steps to reproduce the issue

Expected Behavior
Write down what was expected after taking the steps written above

Actual Behavior
State what is the actual behavior

<Reproducible/Intermittent/Seen once>
State if the issue is 100% reproducible, intermittent or seen once. If it is intermittent, state the frequency of occurrence

System Configuration
<One node system, Two node system, Multi-node system, Dedicated storage, https, IPv4, IPv6 etc.>

Branch/Pull Time/Commit
Branch and the time when code was pulled or git commit or cengn load info

Last Pass
Did this test scenario pass previously? If so, please indicate the load/pull time info of the last pass.
Use this section to also indicate if this is a new test scenario.

Provide a snippet of logs if available and the timestamp when issue was seen. 
Please indicate the unique identifier in the logs to highlight the problem
Attach the logs for debugging (use attachments in Launchpad or for large collect files use: https://files.starlingx.kube.cengn.ca/)

Test Activity
[Sanity, Feature Testing, Regression Testing, Developer Testing, Evaluation, Other - Please specify]


Describe workaround if available