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* [[StarlingX/Developer Guide|Developer Guide]]
* [[StarlingX/Developer Guide|Developer Guide]]
* [[StarlingX Installation Guide]]
* [[StarlingX/Installation Guide|Installation Guide]]
== Code ==
== Code ==

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Welcome to the StarlingX project!!!

StarlingX is a fully featured and high performance Edge Cloud software stack that is based on the Wind River® Titanium Cloud R5 product. Intel and Wind River have jointly open sourced this software and we invite you to download, build, install and run it.

Wind River® Titanium Cloud was originally built on open source components, which were then extended and hardened to meet critical infrastructure requirements: high availability, fault management, and performance management. This software provides numerous features and capabilities to enable 24/7 operation of mission critical applications.

The StarlingX project opens all of these enhancements to the open source community. We invite the community to contribute to the project and join us as we build the infrastructure stack for Edge Computing.



Bug Tracking

  • StarlingX Bug List
    • This list is sorted manually by drag and drop.
    • Please create bugs for any issues found in Storyboard, against one of the stx-* projects. If you can't find the right project, use stx-integ
    • After you create the bug, please add it to the Bug Worklist (link above)

Status and Planning


OpenStack Documentation

These are references to general OpenStack material: