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* [[StarlingX/Releases|Releases]]
* [[StarlingX/Releases|Releases]]
* [[StarlingX/Networking|Networking]]
* [[StarlingX/Networking|Networking]]
* [[StarlingX/Pyton2|Python2 to Python3 transition]]
* [[StarlingX/Pyton2|Python2 to Python3 Transition]]
* Zuul enablement and coverage
* Zuul enablement and coverage
* [[StarlingX/Devstack|Devstack Integration]]
* [[StarlingX/Devstack|Devstack Integration]]

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Welcome to the StarlingX Project

StarlingX is a fully featured and high performance Edge Cloud software stack that is based on the Wind River® Titanium Cloud R5 product. Intel and Wind River have jointly open sourced this software and we invite you to download, build, install, and run it.

Wind River Titanium Cloud was originally built on open source components, that were then extended and hardened to meet critical infrastructure requirements, including: high availability, fault management, and performance management. This software provides numerous features and capabilities to enable 24/7 operation of mission critical applications.

You can find an overview of the StarlingX project's features <insert link here>.

The StarlingX project opens all of these enhancements to the open source community. Please join us as we build the infrastructure stack for Edge Computing.


These three documents will help get you started building, installing, and validating your installation of StarlingX:


The StarlingX project uses Gerrit as its web-based code change management and review tool.

Story and Bug Tracking

We are using the OpenStack Storyboard tool for tracking all development activities. Each new Story shall be marked with one or more Tags, and can optionally include one or more Prefixes in the description. See Tags and Prefixes for a description of how we use them.

IMPORTANT: If you create a new Story (of any kind), please mark it with the tag "stx.new" so we can find it, review it and assign it to the right team and a release.

The StarlingX Storyboard project group is here.

Sample queries:

  • To find the newly created stories use: this query
  • To find all of the active bugs use: this query
  • To find all of the active bugs assigned to the stx.2018.08 release use this query
  • To find all of the active bugs assigned to the stx.2018.11 release use this query

Queries for the Sub-projects will be defined on each Sub-project's page

You can also use Prefixes to search for Stories but we consider Prefixes optional so these searches might not show the same results as searching for Tags.

  • Sample Prefix queries:
    • To find all Stories with the [Features] prefix use: this query
    • To find all Stories with the [Bug] prefix use: this query


OpenStack Documentation

These are references to general OpenStack material:


A very preliminary Governance document can be found here.


We are proud to be an OpenStack Foundation project!


Weekly calls

  • We host a weekly call for the project every Wednesday at 7am PDT / 1400 UTC. All are welcome.

* The Core team call is cancelled for Thursday August 2nd."'

  • We also host a Core team call every Thursday at 7AM PDT / 1400 UTC. This is for the Core team but other project participants are welcome to join.

Call details

Agenda and meeting minutes

The agenda and notes for each call are kept in Etherpads:

Please feel free to add items to the agendas for these meetings.

PTG Meetings

We are preparing for the Denver OpenStack PTG meeting. Draft agenda items can be found here:

Status and Planning

This section is under construction.

Overall project planning pages


To keep things manageable, we are splitting the overall project into sub-projects. The list of sub-projects is below with links to their sub-project home pages. Notes from the F2F discussion on how to organize sub-teams are here

Updates from the F2F

  • Split Distro support into OpenStack and Distro support
    • Patch upstreaming should be owned by the relevant distro support team
    • Python3 migration should be owned by the component owner (distro team)
    • We will want to map existing repos to the subteams
  • Keep Containerization - call it Platform Containization
  • Add a sub-project for enhancing Storyboard - need improvements in the web UI - Javascript
  • Move most networking items (ONAP, NEV SDK) to Akraino as blueprints. Keep TSN as a StarlingX feature
  • Rename Validation to Test
  • AR Team - define a mapping from git repos to sub-projects

Upstream Status

The StarlingX code base contains a number of out-of-tree patches against other open source components. One of our highest priorities is to contribute those changes to their upstream communities.

TODO: Add a link to our Dashboard showing the status of upstream submissions