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Stackforge Namespace Retirement

Revision as of 05:48, 28 August 2015 by Yolanda Robla (talk | contribs) (Active Projects to Move)


The stackforge/ git namespace is being retired, and active projects are being moved to the openstack/ namespace. See this mailing list post for full background. These changes are scheduled to occur on October 17, 2015.

There are two lists below, one for active projects that should be moved, and a second for inactive projects that should become read-only. Please update them to add your project to the correct list.

Active Projects to Move

Active stackforge projects that wish to move into the openstack/ namespace should be added to this list. Projects in this list will be automatically moved by the Infrastructure team to openstack/ on October 17. Please note that no other renames can happen during this move -- projects will strictly be moved from stackforge/ to openstack/ with their existing names.

  • aeromancer
  • cloud-init
  • python-openstacksdk
  • networking-hyperv
  • networking-zvm
  • ceilometer-zvm
  • compute-hyperv
  • nova-zvm-virt-driver
  • telcowg-usecases
  • anvil
  • doc8
  • vmtp
  • wsme
  • tacker
  • tacker-specs
  • tacker-horizon
  • puppet-autossh
  • puppet-setproxy
  • python-tackerclient
  • third-party-ci-tools
  • terracotta
  • sqlalchemy-migrate

Inactive Projects to Retire

Inactive projects that should be retired should be added to this list. These projects will have a commit merged removing their content and replacing it with a message indicating the project is no longer maintained and will become read-only in Gerrit.

  • MRaaS
  • openstackdroid