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OpenStack Swift API Sprint at PyCon 2013

Hosted by SwiftStack and Red Hat

PyCon 2013, March 18 (first sprint day)

The focus is to promote clients writing against the Swift API

Proposed Sprint Topics

Client Apps

  • Migration tool (import/export between Swift and S3)
  • Metadata explorer
    • given a large dataset in Swift, tell me about it
  • Sync a filesystem into Swift
  • Django interface, persistent caching
  • Improve Swift support in OpenStack Horizon
  • Improve the existing swift client (python-swiftclient)
  • Improve swift3
  • Add Swift support to s3cmd ([1])
  • Improve existing user-space tools like swiftly, cloudfuse, etc.
  • build a website that stores data in swift
    • (maybe get NewsBlur to support Swift in addition to S3)
    • maybe something like a very simple form uploader to upload data into swift (drop into a webapp and data is uploaded directly to swift)
  • build a mobile web client for Swift
  • Build a dropbox replacement
  • Break out into 2 sections: developer tools and client apps?
    • a dev tool would aid those in building swift apps
    • a client app is any app that uses the Swift API

Server-side Tools

  • Middleware to transform data coming out of swift
  • an rst parser (serve rst objects as html)
  • a torrent seeder
  • an image resizer or transcoder
  • thumbnail generator on 404
  • text translation middleware
  • really anything that you would like to do while serving (or receiving) data

Draft agenda

Time Agenda Item
9 - 9:30 AM Intro/Welcome
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Make Swift apps
noonish Lunch
5:30 - 5:45 PM Applications Reviewed by Judges
5:45 - 6 PM Application Winners Announced and Prizes Distributed
6 PM Sprint Closing Remarks