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# Sean M. Collins
# Sean M. Collins
# Doug Wiegley
# Doug Wiegley
# Armando Migliaccio

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Monday-Wednesday, December 8-10


   Adobe Systems Incorporated
   3900 Adobe Way
   Lehi, UT 84043
   Tel: 385-345-0000

Nearby airport:

SLC (Salt Lake City)

Nearby Hotels


The agenda for this mid-cyle is focused on the following things:

  • API/RPC layer refactor
  • Core Plugin refactor (this will rope in a few ML2ers)
  • API Test relocation
  • Building community by encouraging cross polination and sharing of ideas.

To this end, we'll break into groups and focus on targeted work to make progress on various refactoring tasks. We will have multiple core reviewers there for encouraging quick iterations. We will also have a representative from QA and infra there to assist with onboarding folks for things like gate triage, elastic-recheck, etc.


  1. Kyle Mestery
  2. Henry Gessau
  3. Mark McClain
  4. Sean M. Collins
  5. Doug Wiegley
  6. Armando Migliaccio