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Keystone Mitaka Midcycle Meetup

This page tracks information for the Keystone Liberty Code Sprint.

Time and Location

When: January 27-29 (Wed-Fri) 9:00 AM to 5:pm

Where: IBM Austin - Building 904, Executive Briefing Centre 11501 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78758, USA

Other Information

Current Attendance Cap: 25

Etherpad for Keystone MidCycle Meetup/Sprint Topics and Information


If you plan on attending the keystone midcycle in austin, please add your name to the table below!

Note: Twitter handle is optional, but often we use twitter to let people know where we are, especially for evening food and/or drinks. Feel free to provide your twitter or just keep an eye out on those of us who have provided ours for where everyone is at the Meetup/when we're headed out for dinner, etc.

Note: Lunches are likely to be provided, please mention any special dietary restrictions in the comments section of the table.

# Name IRC Nick Twitter (optional) Comment Email
1 Steve Martinelli stevemar @stevebot staying at embassy suites stevemar AT ca DOT ibm DOT com
2 Lance Bragstad lbragstad @LanceBragstad lbragstad AT gmail DOT com
3 Joe Savak jsavak @JoeSavak jsavak AT gmail DOT com
4 Fernando Diaz diazjf <twitter> lives in Austin diazjf AT us DOT ibm DOT com
5 Dolph Mathews dolphm @dolphm No comment. dolph DOT mathews AT gmail DOT com
6 David Stanek dstanek @dstanek I like trees dstanek AT dstanek DOT com
7 Samuel de Medeiros Queiroz samueldmq samueldmq AT gmail DOT com
8 Brad Topol topol @bradtopol Hoping to get fantastic BBQ, recommendations? btopol AT us DOT ibm DOT com
9 Karthik Baskaran KarthikB lives in Austin kbaskar AT us DOT ibm DOT com
10 Chris Casey chris_19 @cdcasey lives in Austin, Slab BBQ is close by and excellent cdcasey AT us DOT ibm DOT com
11 Alexander Makarov amakarov amakarov AT mirantis DOT com
12 Sean Perry shaleh sean.perry AT hpe.com
13 Guang Yee gyee gyeeeeee I want Phở! guang.yee AT hpe.com
14 Roxana Gherle roxana.gherle AT hpe.com
15 Brant Knudson bknudson @blknud bknudson AT us.ibm.com
16 Tom Cocozzello tjcocozz @TomCocozzello tjcocozz AT us DOT ibm DOT com
17 Thomas Hsiao thomas.hsiao AT hpe.com
18 Ron De Rose rderose ronald DOT de DOT rose AT intel DOT com
19 Farhan Patwa farhan.patwa AT utsa.edu
20 Richard Goodwin rgoodwin @rgoodwin richard DOT goodwin AT rackspace DOT com
21 Henry Nash henrynash Making the trip across the pond henry.nash AT uk.ibm.com
22 Morgan Fainberg notmorgan @mdrnstm morgan.fainberg AT gmail.com
23 Lin Hua Cheng lhcheng @linhuacheng os DOT lcheng AT gmail DOT com
24 Matt Edmonds medmonds edmondsw AT us.ibm.com
25 <<name>> <<irc>> <<email>>
26 Sam Leong sam chio-fai-sam.leong AT hpe.com
27 Shawn Berger slberger lives in Austin slberger AT us.ibm.com
28 Nithya Renganathan nithya lives in Austin narengan AT us.ibm.com
Contact stevemar@ca.ibm.com if you want to attend no more spaces available! (sorry!)

Hotel List

Home2 Suites by Hilton Austin North/Near The Domain

  • 2800 Esperanza Crossing, Austin, TX 78758, United States
  • 1-512-339-2400
  • ~$200/night
  • 0.3 mi to IBM, very walkable

Hyatt Place Austin/Arboretum

  • 3612 Tudor Blvd, Austin, TX 78759, United States
  • +1 512-231-8491
  • ~$140/night
  • 3.0 mi to IBM, 5 minute drive

Residence Inn Austin Northwest/Arboretum

  • 3713 Tudor Blvd, Austin, TX 78759, United States
  • 1-512-502-8200
  • ~$180/night
  • 3.0 mi to IBM, 5 minute drive

Courtyard Austin Northwest/Arboretum

  • 9409 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759, United States
  • 1-512-502-8100
  • ~$180/night
  • 3.0 mi to IBM, 5 minute drive

Embassy Suites by Hilton Austin Arboretum

  • 9505 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759, United States
  • 1-512-372-8771
  • ~$200/night
  • 3.0 mi to IBM, 5 minute drive