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Keystone Liberty Midcycle Meetup

This page tracks information for the Keystone Liberty Code Sprint.

Time and Location

When: July 15-17 (Wed-Fri)

Where: Boston University, Boston, MA, USA

Recommended Hotels: TBD

Other Information

Current Attendance Cap: 30

Etherpad for Keystone MidCycle Meetup/Sprint Topics and Information


Note: Twitter handle is optional, but often we use twitter to let people know where we are, especially for evening food and/or drinks. Feel free to provide your twitter or just keep an eye out on those of us who have provided ours for where everyone is at the Meetup/when we're headed out for dinner, etc.

# Name IRC Nick Twitter (optional) Comment Email
1 Morgan Fainberg morganfainberg @mdrnstm morgan.fainberg AT gmail.com
2 Henry Nash henrynash henrynash henry.nash AT uk.ibm.com
3 Adam Young ayoung admiyoung ayoung@redhat.com