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The Horizon team is having their Mitaka mid-cycle/sprint in Hillsboro, Oregon.


  • Fly into Portland International Airport (PDX)
    • Time to drive is approximately 40 minutes
    • Trains from airport to Hillsboro are available, but will take approximately 2 hours travel time.


Recommended hotels in Hillsboro are:

  • Holiday Inn Express Portland West/Hillsboro , 5900 NE Ray Cir, Hillsboro, OR 97124, Phone:(503) 844-9696


  • Larkspur Landing in Hillsboro, Oregon, 3133 NE Shute Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124, Phone:(503) 681-2121


  • More hotel options are available Portland as well. Hillsboro is approximately 30 minutes west of downtown Portland.


# Name IRC Nick Comment Email
1 David Lyle david-lyle dklyle0 AT gmail DOT com
2 Richard Jones r1chardj0n3s r1chardj0n3s AT gmail DOT com
3 Diana Whitten hurgleburgler hurgleburgler AT gmail DOT com
4 Tyr Johanson tyr tyr AT hpe DOT com
5 Doug Fish doug-fish drfish AT ibm DOT com
6 Travis Tripp TravT travis.tripp AT hpe DOT com
7 Piet piet Openstack UX meeting on Friday pkruithofjr AT gmail DOT com
8 Rob Cresswell robcresswell robert.cresswell@outlook.com
9 Justin Pomeroy jpomeroy jpomero AT linux.vnet.ibm DOT com
10 Timur Sufiev tsufiev tsufiev AT mirantis DOT com
11 Matt Borland matt-borland matt.borland AT same-as-tyr-and-diana