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The Nova and Ironic teams are having a shared mid cycle meetup venue in Juno. It should be noted that these are separate sprints, but in the same location so we can consult rapidly when required. Details:

  • Where: Intel Campus, Beaverton, OR
  • When: July 28 - 30 2014
  • Hotel: we're working on a discount at a local hotel now

Nova Specifics

Here's a list of things we've already decided we need to talk about, please feel free to add to it:

  • Juno-3 status (juno-2 will have just landed)
  • How to keep up with bugs
  • Nova API microversion mechanics
  • The progress of the Ironic Nova driver

Ironic Specifics

List of things we intend to discuss. Add to this as needed:

  • Working with Nova to land the nova.virt.ironic driver
  • Ways to improve our [spec,code] review turn-around time
  • Status of ironic-python-agent driver