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Solar releases

Release 0.1.0

Released: 22.01.2016

Main changes:

  • Resource definition repositories[5]. Which allowed us to split repositories and makes it really easy to install new resource definitions from packages
  • Stevedore support, which allows to easily add advanced input types[6], handlers and transports
  • More examples, we regularly test Openstack, Riak cluster and docker deployments. Soon all will be tested automatically
  • Non python API - Composer files support was improved which allows to describe deployment in yaml file
  • f2s - fuel to solar - it's experimental branch where we test integration with Fuel

Known issues:

  1. incorrect ansible_library path with custom ansible modules (affects openstack example): fix https://review.openstack.org/#/c/272543/
  2. solar_resources: use tag v0.1.0 in solar-resources.
  3. Vagrant environment: please set solar-project/solar-master:0.1.0 image in your vagrant settings.