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OpenStack/SmartOS Compute

This is a work-in-progres page about OpenStack and SmartOS.

Some helpers

Getting an SmartOS imager in OpenStack

On a SmartOS host:

imgadm update
imgadm import f9e4be48-9466-11e1-bc41-9f993f5dff36
zfs snapshot zones/f9e4be48-9466-11e1-bc41-9f993f5dff36@now
zfs send zones/f9e4be48-9466-11e1-bc41-9f993f5dff36@now > /zones/workspace/smartos.img

and than:

glance image-create --name 'smartos' --is-public 'true' --container-format 'bare' --disk-format 'raw' --property 'zone=true' < /zones/workspace/smartos.img