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Setup keystone in Eclipse

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This page describes how to setup Eclipse PyDev Dev Env for keystone project. Table of contents: <<TableOfContents()>>


OS: redhat 6.1 bit64

Libvirtd: libvirtd and libvirt client are installed ( use "virsh -c qemu:///system list" to test its availability)

development env: GCC and related header files (for install needed python modules)

mysql: server and client, with root password for mysql root account ( use "echo "show databases" | mysql -uroot -proot" to test it)

OS user to use: root

To setup eclipse

1.make sure there is one java available: java -version

2.download eclipse

we had better download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. Please choose proper platform version according to the OS used. Unzip it into a dir, for example /root/eclipse

3. prepare PyDev

After start the Eclipse, we install pydev with p2 site “http://pydev.org/updates”. To install it, just call out Eclipse's "install" dialogue by menu "help->install new software...".

with PyDev installed, we need to configiure PyDev preference. call out preference dialogue by menu "window->preferences":

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