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So far the terminology are defined by service vm and device manager independently. Converged terminology is needed. At first hash out those terminology and find common one.

NOTE: same terminology can be used for different meanings

Tacker terminology

  • Device template

A template (i.e., a set of defining properties) from which device instances can be created.

  • Hosting device (or possibly just Device)

A device instance capable of hosting service instances. These instances can be virtual (e.g., a VM) or physical(?).

  • Service
  • Service type
  • Service instance

A logical resource instance of some Openstack (or Openstack-based) service. [Should be aligned with at least Neutron's service instance definition]

  • Device management subsystem driver

Driver for system or service used by Tacker to manage (e.g., CRUD) a device. Examples of such services are Nova and Heat.

  • Device driver
  • Management driver

[Bob: Not sure what this driver should do. Services that use a hosting device for sure needs a driver to instantiate and manage their service instances but I don't think Tacker needs to be aware of those drivers, so what remains?]

  • Management address (replace with management URI or similar?)
  • Management service driver

[Bob: I'm inclined to say service driver is out of scope for Tacker. We should strive to be service agnostic]

  • Management service address

[Bob: Do we have any examples where management address of service differs from management address of device? Unless we do, I suggest we remove this]

  • Management call
  • Management service call
  • Service device binding
  • RPC proxy agent
  • Proxy management port
  • Proxy service port