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Security Notes

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The OpenStack Security Group (OSSG) publishes Security Notes to advise users of security related issues. Security notes are similar to advisories; they address vulnerabilities in 3rd party tools typically used within OpenStack deployments and provide guidance on common configuration mistakes that can result in an insecure operating environment.

Published Security Notes

  • OSSN-0008 - DoS style attack on noVNC server can lead to service interruption or disruption (9 Mar 2014)
  • OSSN-0007 - Live migration instructions recommend unsecured libvirt remote access (6 Mar 2014)
  • OSSN-0006 - Keystone can allow user impersonation when using REMOTE_USER for external authentication (17 Jan 2014)
  • OSSN-0005 - Glance allows sharing of images between projects without consumer project approval (11 Dec 2013)
  • OSSN-0004 - Authenticated users are able to update passwords without providing their current password (22 Nov 2013)
  • OSSN-0003 - Keystone configuration should not be world readable (13 May 2013)
  • OSSN-0002 - HTTP POST limiting advised to avoid Essex/Folsom Keystone DoS (23 Apr 2013)
  • OSSN-0001 - Selecting LXC as Nova Virtualization Driver can lead to data compromise (15 Mar 2013)