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Diablo Security Advisories

Product Openstack Security Advisory CVE Number Title Impact
Nova 2011-001 2011-4596 Path traversal issues registering malicious images using EC2 API High
Nova 2012-001 2012-0030 Tenant bypass by authenticated users using OpenStack API Critical
Keystone 2012-002 2012-1572 Extremely long passwords can crash Keystone High
Nova 2012-003 2012-1585 Long server names grow nova-api log files significantly High
Nova 2012-005 2012-2101 No quota enforced on security group rules High
Nova 2012-007 2012-2654 Security groups fail to be set correctly Medium
Nova 2012-008 2012-3360 Arbitrary file injection/corruption through directory traversal issues Critical
Nova 2012-011 2012-3447 Compute node filesystem injection/corruption Critical