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This page is currently being refactored to track the API conversion efforts for sahara.

The specification describing the high level changes to the API can be found at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/212172

The process describing the general workflow process for implementing the new API can be found within the etherpad for the Mitaka design summit.

Work Items

The following sub-sections will contain itemized lists of the individual changes to be done for the experimental phases of the API conversion process.

Each item should contain the following entries:

  • Name
  • Description of work
  • Estimated Load
  • Requires Spec
  • Assignee
  • Status

Most of these entries are self explanatory, the "Estimated Load" entry should be one of "small", "medium", or "large", this should describe the estimated size of the task where small is less than 1 day work, medium may be less than 5 days work, and large is greater than 5 days. These are not meant to be hard deadlines, but general estimates of the complexity for any given task.

The "Status" entry should be one of; "not started", "started", or a link to the review(s) for the task.


Name: initial v2 commit

Description: this patch will create the initial "/v2" endpoint structure. it will migrate all the current endpoints into the new URIs. this change will also remove the project ID from the URI and add it to an OpenStack-Project-ID header.

Estimated Load: medium

Assignee: elmiko (Michael McCune)

Status: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/273316/

New Features

Endpoint Updates