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Rubick/Service architecture

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Design & Architecture

This page describes design and architecture of OpenStack Diagnostics (Rubik) service. It is applicable to MVP1 version of the project.


Service includes the following components:

  • openstack.model is an OpenStack architecture model representation. It is a common format used by components of the system to exchange configuration of the inspected environment
  • Rubick API is a web service which implements APIs to rules, inspections and OpenStack architecture model
  • Rule engine is a logic which performs inspections on the data model. Rule engine will have an interface to the ruleset store in future.
  • Config data store is a storage for architecture models
  • Config data extractor creates OpenStack model based on data collected from different sources, implemented as pluggable back-ends
  • Heat metadata plugin extracts configration metadata from Heat stacks created by TripleO/Tuskar service
  • SSH metadata plugin (Joker) extracts configuration metadata from actual nodes of OpenStack cloud via secure SSH connection
Service architecture component diagram