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Roadmap (Marconi)

Revision as of 20:36, 21 May 2014 by Kgriffs (talk | contribs) (move defaults to j-2 since it applies to API 1.1)

Juno-1 (June 12)

  • Rename the project
  • Finish tempest tests for API v1.0
  • Research notifications (meet with 3rd-parties, create a design)
  • Start coding AMQP
  • Start coding Redis
  • Complete most of API v1.1
  • Rename "shard" to "pool" and note the name change on wiki and in the user manual
  • Basic marconi-bench tool and cluster (will be merged into Rally eventually)
  • OSSG - security FAQ and threat model
  • Revert read-only queue metadata from API 1.1 (don't forget to update the spec)
  • Start coding KPIs (/health endpoint)

Juno-2 (July 24)

  • Queue defaults (API 1.1)
  • Finish and freeze API 1.1
  • Move existing docs to RTD
  • User Manual 2.0
  • Mongo DB gate (3rd-party)
  • Benchmark gate (3rd-party)
  • Finish coding KPIs (/health endpoint)
  • AuthZ for Admin API
  • Live queue migration
  • Start coding notifications
  • Redis pool (sharding, replication for Redis driver)

Juno-3 (Aug 4)

  • Remove the SQL Alchemy driver
  • Integrate notifications with 1-2 other programs
  • Basic security test suite
  • AMQP gate
  • Redis gate
  • DDoS testing and mitigation
  • Performance tuning
  • Flavors
  • Tempest tests for API v1.1
  • End-game bug fixing and stabilization